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mib - Mittwoch, 5. November 2003 - 10:55

hat jemand eine Meinung zur kanadischen Aastra (AAH.TO) ?

Gruss - Mib

About Aastra

Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: "AAH"), headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada, develops and markets products and systems for accessing communication networks. Aastra's products include a full range of residential and business telephone terminals, Enterprise Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), network access servers and high quality digital video gateways. Aastra serves the majority of telephone companies and certain cable operators and broadcasters in North America and Europe, with a growing presence in South America and Asia. For more information on Aastra, visit our Web siteat http://www.aastra.com.

Diskussionsforum der stw-boerse: Auslandswerte: Aastra
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