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mib - Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2001 - 15:00
ich weiss zwar nicht, was der "Markt" daraus machen wird, aber ich halte die Zahlen fuer sehr gut und bin sehr optimistisch fuer EME.
Ein meines Erachtens wichtiger Teil:
Mr. MacInnis concluded, ``Despite the pervasive uncertainty that exists today, we remain confident in our ability to continue delivering the performance that our clients and shareholders expect from us. We have leading positions in the critical market segments of water and wastewater treatment, energy generation and conservation, and public infrastructure. These market segments, which are contributing to the increase in our backlog, should grow under practically any economic conditions. We are therefore comfortable in reaffirming our full year 2001 earnings guidance of $3.35 to $3.40 per diluted share. Furthermore, with over $170 million in cash, a virtually debt-free balance sheet and access to low-cost financing, we are finding an increasing number of attractive acquisition candidates that can benefit from being part of the EMCOR organization.''

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Diskussionsforum der stw-boerse: Auslandswerte: EMCOR Group, EME
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