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mib - Dienstag, 10. Juli 2001 - 23:42
fallen die Zinsen soll man Finanztitel kaufen, sagt man... dann will ich das mal brav machen... ... zumal das ja ein Aktiendepot und keine Geldboerse mit cash sein soll (wie stw vor ein paar Tagen so schoen geschrieben hat)

... also...
...hier als Premiere der erste Finanztitel im Auslandsdepot:

Kauf von 45 Stk. Washington Mutual (WKN 893906) zu 43.80 Eu in Berlin.

US-Ticker: WM

mib - Freitag, 13. Juli 2001 - 05:47
Optiosscheinaktivitaeten bullish for WM?


j_r_ewing - Freitag, 13. Juli 2001 - 10:17
Kürzerfristig könnte an der Zielrichtung Banken was dran sein, mib:
Es war ja paradox, daß Greenspan das billige Geld verteilt hat - und weder die längerfristigen Zinsen noch das Kreditvolumen aufquoll.
Irgendwo muß die Knete ja geblieben sein: ausgegeben wurde sie an die Banken; rausgegangen ist sie dort nicht als Kredit - also was werden die Banken damit gemacht haben ? Sie im Keller schimmeln lassen sicher nicht: sie werden damit teurere refinanzierungenersetzt haben, sprich: ihre Marge lebhaft verbessert. Das sollte bei den nächsten Quartalszahlen zu spüren sein!

(Ich erinnere mich - leider nur noch vage -an eine Parallele von früher, als der Anleihezins auch noh lange oben blieb, während die FED schon gesenkt hatte - und nachher platzten die Money-Center aus allen Fugen. War's nicht zu Zeiten der großen Savings&Loans-Krise ?)

mib - Dienstag, 17. Juli 2001 - 20:45
bisschen seltsame Weise, die Zahlen zu veroeffentlichen. Aber Hauptsache, sie sind wie sie sind, - naemlich ganz einfach sehr gut!

Tuesday July 17, 2:37 pm Eastern Time
Press Release
Washington Mutual Issues Statement on Second-Quarter Earnings
SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2001--Washington Mutual, Inc. (NYSE:WM - news) has confirmed the following information related to its second quarter 2001 earnings in light of market activity and news reports from earlier today:

``Washington Mutual generated record quarterly earnings of $798.2 million for the second quarter of 2001, up sharply from second-quarter 2000 earnings of $490.8 million. On an earnings-per-share basis, second-quarter 2001 earnings were a record 91 cents per diluted share, up 49 percent from 61 cents per diluted share one year ago.

``The company will release complete details of its second quarter results after the market closes on Tuesday. The company will have no further comment until results are released.''

mib - Dienstag, 31. Juli 2001 - 15:27
es hagelt seit Wochen Empfehlungen fuer WM, - das ist einem fast schon unheimlich... - wenn alle WM haben, wer soll dann noch kaufen???

ein Beispiel mit ein paar anderen Empfehlungen (First Data und Guidant wuerden mir davon auch gefallen).


mib - Mittwoch, 22. August 2001 - 17:46
aus briefing.com:
10:08 ET Washington Mutual (WM): 41.95 +0.15: With the Nasdaq threatening to revisit the 1700's, investors will continue to seek investment opportunities outside the technology sector. One approach is to find businesses with clean operating results in addition to a clean chart. A quick look at the one-year chart on Washington Mutual shows that it fits the technical description which makes it a good bet the fundamentals are under it as well. The shares are getting a small lift today thanks in part to Morgan Stanley which raised its target price to $52 from $43 in addition to bringing up fiscal year 2002 estimates. The company has been growing through acquisition over the past several years but is also generating organic growth in the area of 15%. Though it may not be widely followed as an investment, Washington Mutual isn't exactly what you would call a small cap. With a market cap of $36.8 billion, WM just edges out Ford Motor Company's (F) recently deflated $36.4 billion cap. Many investors have expressed concern that the end of the monetary easing cycle could signal trouble for financials. There are two responses to this issue: 1) it's beginning to look like there might be as many as two additional rate cuts in the current cycle and 2) when the easing cycle does come to an end, the subsequent tightening cycle isn't likely to begin anytime soon. With trailing earnings of $2.88, the shares currently carry a Price/Earnings multiple of 14.5x. To put the current valuation in context, WM trades at a deep discount to the S&P 500 yet has a growth rate well in excess of the index. On the basis of historic comparisons, WM currently trades in the middle of its valuation range -- the five-year valuation bands range from a high of 32x in 1997 to a low of 6x last year. The forward earnings estimate for WM is $3.94 -- assuming multiple expansion to 18x trailing earnings (still a discount to the S&P 500 unless the index would come down to meet it), that would factor to a share price just under $71. It's also worth noting WM has averaged a 7% surprise over the consensus estimate for the prior four quarters. If the multiple remains in the area of 14.5x earnings and WM hits its estimates for 2002, the shares would trade at $57 per share for a paltry 36% gain. There is always some element of uncertainty with any investment but we believe the risk/reward dynamics on WM look favorable relative to the broader market. -- Michael Ashbaugh, Briefing.com

mib - Donnerstag, 6. September 2001 - 23:35
Wahrscheinlich bin ich wieder zu dusselig rechtzeitig zu verkaufen, aber ....

Gruss - Mib

Kerry Killinger, ChM and CEO of WM

WM has pledged to increase the amount of money it will devote to community lending; the $375b commitment over the next 10 years represents the largest one made by an institution

Set to begin next year, WM's new pledge will go toward providing loans and other financial support to low-income communities and to people whose income is below 80% of the median US income level

This is all part of a plan to provide credit access and financial products to undeserved US communities

Says Killinger, the $375b commitment — an increase over the previous one made three years ago — reflects the increased size and capability of the company

The company has made several acquisitions since that original pledge, and now that it has achieved true nationwide status and a footprint across most of the country, WM feels it can put a commitment of this size out there

Says Killinger, the centerpiece of WM's business is finding a way to do both banking and mortgage lending to a broad cross-section of consumers, particularly to the middle market

The CEO asserts that the people targeted by this deal are right in the sweet spot of very good business

He says it will be a good deal for shareholders, the company and the communities it serves

After making this overall national commitment, the company will then work with local community groups in the regions where it does business in order to develop and implement specific programs

All of this hinges on smart execution — the economy will have some influence, but WM feels that it should be able to meet the targets of this commitment by following its normal business plan

Killinger says WM continues to see very strong business; it made extraordinary gains in profitability in 1H, and the company expects a strong 2H as well

WM had previously given guidance that would imply earnings growth well in excess of 40%

Says Killinger, the company's primary focus is on the successful completion and integration of DME; all of its resources are being placed toward that end

The CEO stated very politically that the company would continue with its internal expansion plans and consider acquisitions when appropriate

Company factoids:

WM is the #8 US banking company, with consolidated assets of $229b

It operates 2,300 consumer banking, mortgage lending and commercial banking offices in 40 states

Its subsidiaries are involved in consumer and mortgage banking, financial services and consumer finance

The company offers personal and home equity loans, mortgages, investments and insurance

The $375b low-income lending commitment will start in '02, throughout the US

Market cap: $32b

52 week high: 42.99

52 week low: 22.58

Key rivals:


prof_b - Freitag, 21. September 2001 - 00:07
Stopploss knapp unter 35 Euro setzten, oder am besten gleich verkaufen!
Gruß Prof

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