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mib - Samstag, 28. April 2001 - 03:55
Digital River (DRIV) ist eines der (wenigen) .com-Unternehmen, die im Laufe des Jahres in die Gewinnzone kommen werden (siehe auch das folgende Interview). DRIV ist ein zwar spekulatives, aber recht aussichtsreiches Investment!

Gruss - Mib


N.E.W. SHOW: With e-commerce so out of
favor these days on Wall Street, and
e-commerce companies struggling to
survive, you`d think that a business that
depends on the sector would be hurting
(17:37:10) too. Well apparently that`s not
the case for Digital River (Company:
Digital River Inc.; Ticker: DRIV; URL:
http://www.digitalriver.com/), which pegs
itself as an e-commerce service provider.
Digital River beat expectations in its latest
report. CEO Joel Ronning is in Minneapolis
to explain what`s ahead for this (17:37:20)
company. Mr. Ronning, thank you very
much for joining us.

Thank you, Jason.

FRANCIS: And now if you could explain, I
know you guys don`t like to call yourself
and application service provider, but an
e-commerce service provider. Explain to
(17:37:30) our viewers just what that is.

RONNING: Well what an e-commerce
service provider, or a commerce service
provider does is we design, build, manage
and host our client`s e-commerce web
sites. We do this (17:37:40) for 8,000
companies around the world. And probably
a practical application of this is a company
you just mentioned, Siemens is one of our
clients. And if you decided you want to buy
(17:37:50) a phone from Siemens, you go
to their web site. When you show up at the
store that`s being---that has been designed
and it`s built and managed by (17:38:00)
Digital River. So the experience, customer
experience is that--it`s as if you`re buying
from Siemens, but at the end of the day
you`re really buying through our
e-commerce service.

FRANCIS: Now, with a (17:38:10) lot of
folks wondering about just what the status
of e-commerce is right now, what are you
telling investors about what they should
expect over the next (17:38:20) few
months from you.

RONNING: Well we like the business a lot.
We feel like we`re in a great spot. When
companies work with Digital River they save
between 50 and 70 percent rather than
doing it (17:38:30) on their own. So we
think that that really helps increase the
probability of a high ROI for our clients.
Return on investment is something we`ve
been hearing from a lot (17:38:40) of
clients. They`re very focused on the
profitability of the initiatives that they`re
putting in place. And so I guess our
expectations are pretty bullish. We`re going
to be profitable Q4 of this year. We`ve been
(17:38:50) planning on that for over a year,
and we`re right on target.

FRANCIS: What`s your exposure to
potentially uncollectible receivables right

RONNING: It`s very low. We have 8,000
clients, so the cumulative kind of the effect
(17:39:00) that everyone of those clients
giving us a little piece of business on a
monthly basis---see we managed millions
and millions of transactions for these
(17:39:10) 8,000 clients. So we don`t have
any large clients out there that we`re really
concerned about. We don`t have the same
kind of huge variations, I think, that a lot of
companies see out (17:39:20) there. We
don`t have a lot of client concentration, a lot
of dependency.

FRANCIS: Now what about when you pitch
new clients these days, are they saying,
look that e-commerce bear out there that
(17:39:30) got us all so scared a couple of
years ago, it isn`t so scary to be in any more.
I don`t feel any big rush to take on these
(17:39:40) projects. Are you hearing that
sort of thing from potential clients now?

RONNING: Absolutely. We like to work with
established, profitable companies,
companies like 3M (Company:
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing
Company; Ticker: MMM; URL:
http://www.mmm.com/), and Symantec
(Company: Symantec Corporation;
Ticker: SYMC; URL:
http://www.symantec.com/), and Autodesk
(Company: Autodesk Incorporated; Ticker:
ADSK; URL: http://www.autodesk.com),
and Fujitsu (Company: Fujitsu Limited;
Ticker: FJTSY; URL:
http://www.fujitsu.co.jp/index-e.html). And
those companies, we`ve seen them being
more thoughtful (17:39:50) about their
investment, but we`ve not seen the tap
turned off in terms of them making the
investment. They`re absolutely going after
the e-commerce initiatives, and just the
business on (17:40:00)---building their
businesses via the Internet. Those
initiatives have not been turned off, we`ve
just been seeing them be a little bit more
thoughtful about the time lines. And we`re
more (17:40:10) than willing to work with
them on that. And the other thing---

FRANCIS: Give us a sense of the---when
the time line slower, how much slower? Is it
taking a year longer, are (17:40:20) they
ordering at slower paces, how does that

RONNING: Well we have a different model,
and ultimately this entire market
environment may really play well into our
model. We`re so much less (17:40:30)
expensive than a company going off and
doing this on their own, and we have so
much experience doing this, as I has
mentioned, for thousands of companies.
The risks are lower, the (17:40:40) costs
are lower, the probability of success is
higher. So we`re seeing clients coming to
us now that actually, frankly, a year ago we
know would have done this internally. And
so it (17:40:50) hasn`t impacted us that

FRANCIS: All right. Mr. Ronning, I`m
sorry---all right, well that`s good to hear. Mr.
Ronning, please come back and let us
know how it`s going. We appreciate it.

RONNING: Great, thanks a lot. Appreciate it,

FRANCIS: Joel Ronning of Digital River.

mib - Dienstag, 24. Juli 2001 - 22:52
da hab ich in Erwartung guter Zahlen seit Tagen versucht, DRIV zu kaufen und war immer (weil zu geizig) erfolglos.
Und jetzt:
positive Besprechung bei street.com und
voellig ueberragende Zahlen! (US-Kurs heute +20% und morgen wohl noch mehr...)

machmal bin ich einfach nicht entschlossen genug....!

:-( Mib

stw - Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2001 - 00:17
Tja, ich versuche es dagegen momentan wohl zu oft mit Gewalt. Geduld ist da die wichtigere Börsentugend. Wenn der allgemeine Trend an den Börsen so weitergeht, dann bekommen wir all die Schätzchen auch in ein paar Wochen noch (oder wieder) zum Schnäppchenpreis.

Aber gerade jetzt gilt: im Einkauf liegt der Gewinn und nun wird (zumindest bei mir) eingekauft!

:-) stw

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